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Armenia. Travels and studies

2 vols. vol. II The Turkish provinces

London, 1901 (Longmans, Green, and Co.)

LYNCH, Henry F.B.

a photogallery of the photos from the book

geographical annotations to the book (giving old and new names of the places mentioned in the text, and direct links to the text)

some maps of the book can be found here



reprints: Khayats, Beirut, 1965; Armenian Prelacy New York, 1990; Adamant Media Corporation, 2002

(vol.2) Ağrı (Karakilise) - Tutak - Patnos - Erciş - Çarpanak Island - Van - Yedikilise - Edremit - Gevaş - Aghtamar Island - Bitlis - Hasköy - Muş - Erzurum - Hınıs - Tutak - Malazgirt - Ahlat - Ascent of Nemrut Dağ (near present day Tatvan) - Ascent of Süphan Dağ - Varto - Ascent of Bingöl Dağ