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This is a name index to a number of 19th century sources about Kurdish, Arabic and Turkmen tribes in the Eastern provinces of the Ottoman Empire.

For an explanation on the sources click on the source name, clicking on the page number, brings you to the relevant page of the source, where the tribe is mentioned.

No attempt has been made to change or standardize the spelling of the tribe names. The original names of the districts mentioned in the sources are also retained.

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Sources currently included:

Lamb 1901; Maunsell 1899;  Maunsell 1904; Sykes 1908 (not reproduced here because of copyright restrictions)

website of Jelle Verheij, historian

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Daghbasi (subdivision of Bujakh, Mardin District)

Daghbasi (Siverek, Diyarbekir) Sykes 1908: 472 (C, 1Dx)

Dakori (Mardin District) Maunsell 1904:  6

Dasheli Merdesi (subdivision of Merdesi, Western Malatya District)

Dashi (Mardin District) Maunsell 1904: 7

Dekshuri (Torabdin District) Maunsell 1904:  10

Delian (subdivision of Rushvan, Western Malatya District)

Delianli (Western Malatya District) Maunsell 1904:  4

Delika (subdivision of Mazidagh Kurds, Diarbekr District)

Delka (Jebel Sinjar) Maunsell 1904:  20

Demanli (subdivision of Lertik, Dersim Kurds)

Demenanli (Dersim Kurds) Maunsell 1904:  18

Derav (subdivision of Dekshuri, Torabdin District)

Deraveran (Tor Abdin District) Maunsell 1904:  11

Deregezenli (subdivision of Atmalu, Western Malatya District)

Dereyeli (Western Malatya District) Maunsell 1904:  -1

Dermanka (subdivision of Rashkotanli, Diarbekr District)

Dersimli (Erzurum) Lamb 1901

Desht-i-Giaour (subdivision of Mazidagh Kurds, Diarbekr District)

Devan (subdivision of Karagechi, Mardin District)

Dilkiler (subdivision of Atmalu, Western Malatya District)

Dimbli (subdivision of Mazidagh Kurds, Diarbekr District)

Dimili (subdivision of Modeki, Western Bitlis District)

Dodika (subdivision of Milli, Mardin District)

Doghanli (subdivision of Sinamenli, Western Malatya District)

Duderi (subdivision of Chukhsor or Miran, Torabdin District)

Dunbeli (Sairt District) Maunsell 1904:  13

Drezhan (Western Malatya District) Maunsell 1904: -1