geographical annotations to

Ainsworth, William, 'Notes on a journey from Kaïsaríyah, by Malátíyah, to Bir or Birehjik, in May and June, 1839'

19th century sources

website of Jelle Verheij, historian

Hoshun → Uluyazı (village in Hilvan district, Şanlıurfa province)

Someïsáṭ → Şamşat. This place was submerged by the Atatürk Dam Lake; the name was transferred to a new settlement nearby, presently the centre of Şamşat district of Adıyaman province

Ledar → Dikili. Was village in Bozova district of Şanlıurfa province. Submerged by Atatürk dam Lake.

Yásínjah → Yaslıca (village in Bozova district, Şanlıurfa province)

Yaïlash → Yaylak (village in Bozova district, Şanlıurfa province)