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Personal name index

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Personal name index (experimental)

In the British consular files on the eastern provinces of the Ottoman Empire often names of persons appear, a reflection of the detailed manner in which the local situation was monitored. These mentions are particularly interesting for genealogical researchers.

In this index personal names I came across during my archival research are listed alphabetically by surname. No specific selection criteria are applied other than the possible value for genealogical research. Of course completeness cannot be pursued.

In case the source is made available on this website a link is provided, otherwise you will find only a document number and short description of the document. The sources used are of course just a very tine fraction of what is available in the archives. A list of the sources included is provided below.

Please let me know your opinions and suggestions. Depending on the feedback this project will be continued and expanded.

          The original spelling of the sources has been retained, no attempt has been made at standardisation. Particularly for Armenian names it is strongly recommended to conduct a search as wide as possible for the various possible variants of names. Please realise the incredible variation in spelling that existed. Thus Agopian can be Hagopian, Carabet also appears as Karabet, Couyoumdjian as Kouyoumdjan. A surname like Megherditchian was could also be spelled Meguerditchian or Mekrtidjian, to mention just a few examples. Only in this short list some 10-15 variants of the same name can be found.

           The included documents are mostly from the period 1890-1900.

          If mentioned in the source, for each person his/her place of origin is given and the province (vilayet) this place belonged to. Place names are spelled according to the modern Turkish spelling with a listing of the original name as it appears in the source.

          Persons of which no surname is given, are not included.

Sources included (June 22, 2018):

- List of Church Refugees in Pera (1895)

- List of Armenian prisoners in Acre, near Haifa, Palestine (1893)

- List of Zeitoun prisoners at Aleppo exempted from benefit of Amnesty of July 1895

- Statement of Armenians killed in the Government House at Malatia, 1896

- List of Armenian political prisoners released in Aleppo under General Amnesty of December 1896

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