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Report on a Journey in the Cazas Sherwan, Sairt, and Aroh May and June 1898

(by J.H. Monahan, British Vice-Consul in Bitlis)

This unpublished manuscript by the British Vice-Consul in Bitlis in 1898, J.H. Monahan, is preserved in the National Archives in London. It decribes a journey through the districts of Şirvan, Siirt and Eruh (at that time part of the Siirt sancak of Bitlis province) and is one of the few sources available for this area in the late 19th century. Monahan travelled particularly extensively in the district of Şirvan, where he visited almost all Christian villages. His main aim was to collect information on the 1895 massacres and the situation of the Christians three years after these traumatic events. It contains exceptionally detailed information on socio-economic conditions, administration, social and interethnic relations in the area.

Monahan's report was one of the main sources for my 2018 article "The year of the Firman": The 1895 massacres in Hizan and Şirvan (Bitlis Vilayet) (See "publications" section)

You will find here a full transscription of this 90 page manuscript, with annotations to the place names,

Cover letter of the report

First page of the report

Monahan's sketch map of his route

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