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List of Kurdish and Arab tribes in Middle Euphrates Valley by F.R. Maunsell (1904)

source: Lieut.-Colonel F.R. Maunsell, Military Report on Eastern Turkey in Asia. Vol. IV - Middle Euphrates Valley. Country from the Gulf of Alexandretta towards Erzerum and Bitlis. Compiled for the Intelligence Department, War office. 1904


List of hundreds of tribes in the Ottoman provinces of Diyarbekir, and parts of Haleb and Bitlis, compiled by British Military Attache Francis Richard Maunsell for use of the British army.

Includes information on the estimated number of families, names of tribal leaders, participation in the Hamidiye Light Cavalry regiments, and the geographical area of the tribe.

The names of the tribes in this source are included in the Alphabethical Index on tribe names on this website