How does it work ?

On this page you will find direct links to digitalized travel books for the listed places, categorized per modern Turkish district (ilçe)

by example:

Ovaçevirme →Lynch 1901-2: 256 (Chevermeh)

Ovaçevirme = is the Turkish modern name.

Lynch 1901 = is the name of the travel report where this name can be found. If the text is blue, is it is linked to a title description.

256 = the page number. If the number is blue it links to a page in one of the digital book repositories (, or, jstor) or to a reproduction of the text on this website with geographical annotations.

(Chevermeh) the original name used by the author

(→ANT) links to a list of geographical annotations for this title.

It is much appreciated if you report broken links

Geographical Index on 19th century travel reports

website of Jelle Verheij, historian

Beşiri district

Bahçeli Rassam 1897: 94 (Barsic) (ANT→)

Yumrukaya (subvillage-level settlement) →Layard 1853: 40 (Kunduk) (→ANT)

(not ascertained whether this settlement belongs Beşiri district)

Gercüş district

Gercüş Taylor 1865: 35 (Keffr Joze)

Yolağzı Taylor 1865: 35 (Devrindib)

Hasankeyf district

Hasankeyf Taylor 1865: 32 (Hesn el Kahef, Hesn Keyf)

Kozluk district

Kozluk Taylor 1865: 45 (Huzu, Khuzu) Rassam 1897: 95-98 (Huzzo) (ANT→)

Samanyolu Rassam 1897: 94 (Kairik) (ANT→)

Tuzlagöze Taylor 1865: 45 (Mileyfan)

Batman Province

Batman Province