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Taylor, J.G. 'Travels in Kurdistan, with Notices of the Sources of the Eastern and Western Tigris, and Ancient Ruins in their Neighbourhood' (1865)

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Genj = Genç, district of Bingöl province. The other districts have not been identified

Dyk, Tyg = Dikköy, village in central district of Bingöl province; Boghlan = Solhan district in Bingöl province

convent of Surh Garabed: Armenian convent, now ruined, near Yukarıyongalı village, Muş central district, Muş provice

Mush = Muş, capital of Muş province

Khoren :  not identified

Monastery of Arakolets Vank = Surp Arakelots Monastery

on this monastery, see here (external site)